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Cheese wax

GrayTec manufactures a variety of different cheese wax colours: Orange Rust, Brown, Yellow Amber, Clover Yellow, Avocado Green, Bottle Green, Maroon, Pink, Purple, Zevenwacht Red, Azure Blue, Royal Blue, Navy Blue.

This product is a mixture of refined hydrocarbon waxes, polymers and coloured pigments or dyes (depending on the colour manufactured).

It is effectively used as a packaging material – the cheese coating prevents any further loss in moisture of the cheese.

Disposable cheese cloth

GrayTec started to market disposable cheese cloth in 2001. In March 2003, we’ve opened up our own manufacturing plant. We are one of the 3 companies that market this product globally. We have distributors in the United Kingdom and Australia.

Disposable cheese cloth is made from polyethylene and it contains the following characteristics:

-Inert and does not does not hold moisture,

-Does not encourage bacterial growth,

-Does not stick to the cheese.

There are 3 different gauges available of the end product: 32 gsm, 36 gsm, 42 gsm.

Cheese coating

GrayTec manufactures a variety of different colours: clear, yellow, red, black, blue & green.

Painted on the cheese for the reduction of drying out the cheese and therefore preventing the growth of yeasts & moulds on the surface.

Gives the cheese a firm, dry base for good adhesion when over coating with cheese waxes.

33% Calcium chloride solution

It is a clear to slightly yellow liquid which is odourless and contain a bit of a salty taste. It is normally added to milk up to a level of 0.024% to increase the calcium (Ca) content when making cheese. It can also be added to a brine bath for Gouda cheese up to a level of 0.2% to prevent sliminess of the cheese. It is packed in 25 litre cans or 1000 liter flo bins.

Bottling Wax

Bottling waxes are specially formulated from selected waxes, polymers and colourants.

The bottle is dipped into the molten wax and once removed it sets rapidly (or can be dipped in water) to give a smooth wax layer over the neck of the (wine) bottle.

Bottling wax has several functions including protection from cork and wine deterioration, preventing smells entering through the porous structure of the cork and prevents air and bacteria from entering the wine bottle leading to spoilage.

Colours available are Gold, Silver, Black, Blue, Red, Dark Green, Green, Maroon, Brown and Yellow.

Natural Colourants

Cheese decolouriser

A dark green solution used to decolourise cheese – gives cheese a whiter appearance. This solution is sold to the cheese industry where feta and- mozzarella cheese are manufactured.

B42 & B56 Annatto dye

The B56 annatto dye is just a more concentrated form than the B42 annatto dye. Both these dyes can be used in a variety of other food products like ice cream, sugar confectionary, cereals, snack foods, cones and casings.

Norbixin HWS 300 powder

A light brown fine powder used as a food colourant and it’s completely soluble in hot water. It is suitable to be used in the meat & bakery industry, including the following products:  ice cream, confectionary, jellies, pie fillings, sauces, and fruit juices.

Carmine solution

Red purple liquid used as a food colourant in the dairy, meat & confectionary industry.

5% Copper chlorophyllin

A dark green liquid completely soluble in water used as a food colourant. It is suitable to be used in the dairy, beverage and bakery industry.

Paprika 3500 CU

Dark, red viscous liquid used as a food colourant in the dairy, meat & confectionary industry.

Food marking ink

GrayTec manufactures two colours: purple & black. Used by the cheese industry as a marking ink to stamp information on cheese.

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