Products Distributed

Calcium Chloride Pellets

Our calcium chloride is available in white pellets (77%) or white powder/pellets (95-98%). The product is odourless and is used by food or chemical processors. It can be used in the food industry as a preservative, hardener, coagulant, calcium source and pH-controller. It can be used in a variety of applications in the food industry:

  • Cheese and curd production for speeding the process of coagulation
  • Fruits and vegetables processing and preservation
  • Meat tenderization and freezing point decreasing
  • Ice cream production
  • Jelly & Jam production

Sodium Nitrate Powder

It is characterized as a white, crystalline, slightly hygroscopic inorganic salt which is used as a preservative in the cheese making process. It’s added to cheese milk to effectively inhibit the gas producing bacteria (Clostridia and/or Coliform) to reduce to formation of ‘eyes’ or large gas holes in the cheese.

Waxes from Paramelt

GrayTec distributes a variety of waxes, namely; beeswax, paracast– & paracera wax supplied by Paramelt. The beeswax is supplied to the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry. In general beeswaxes are used in applications such as candles, polishes, glazing agents, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.
We supply a clear, red, black & yellow wax from Paramelt, which is used as a cheese coating & preservative.
The paracast wax is used as mould waxes and the paracera wax is used in the cosmetic industry for it’s consistency and gel forming properties.


Phosphates are used in the processed cheese making process to adjust the pH of cheeses, enhance spreadability and as an emulsifying salt. There are variations of the phosphates available depending on the effect you are hoping to obtain by using the product. 

Natural Colourants from Allied Biotech

GrayTec distributes a variety of natural colourants supplied by Allied Biotech, namely beta-carotenes, apo-carotenes, lycopenes & canthaxanthin. These products can give a wide range of colours in the end product ranging from yellow through orange to red. These natural colourants are available in different concentrations and can be used in the dairy, fish, meat, bakery, confectionery & juice industry.

We distribute a  wide variety of cheese-boards, -slicers, -knives, -hatchets, -cutting machines & -graters to the food industry.
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