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77% & 95-98% Calcium Chloride Flakes/Pellets

White or grey flakes (77%), white powder/pellets (95-98%), which is odourless and sold to food or chemical processors. It can be used in the food industry as a preservative, hardener, coagulant, calcium source and pH-controller. It can be used in a variety of applications in the food industry:

  • Cheese and curd production for speeding the process of coagulation
  • Fruits and vegetables processing and preservation
  • Meat tenderization and freezing point decreasing
  • Ice cream production
  • Jelly & Jam production


Used in the processed cheese making process to alter the pH of cheeses, enhance spreadability & as an emulsifying salt.

Sodium Nitrate Powder

It is characterized as a white, crystalline, slightly hygroscopic inorganic salt which is used as a preservative in the cheese making process. It’s added to cheese milk to effectively inhibit the gas producing Clostridia and /or Coliform bacteria to reduce to formation of eyes or large gas holes in the cheese.

Natural Colourants from Allied Biotech

GrayTec distributes a variety of natural colourants supplied by Allied Biotech, namely beta-carotenes, apo-carotenes, lycopenes & canthaxanthin. These natural colourants are available in different concentrations and can be used in the dairy, fish, meat, bakery, confectionery & juice industry.

Waxes from Paramelt

GrayTec distributes a variety of waxes, namely; beeswax, paracast- & paracera wax supplied by Paramelt. The beeswax is supplied to the cosmetics & pharmaceutical industry. In general beeswaxes are used in applications such as candles, polishes, glazing agent and in cosmetics and/or pharmaceuticals.
The clear, red, black & yellow waxes from Paramelt is used as a cheese coating & preservative.
The Paracast wax is used as mould waxes and the paracera wax is used in the cosmetic industry for it’s consistency & gel forming properties.

Specialty Cheese Equipment

We distribute a  wide variety of cheese-boards, -slicers, -knives, -hatchets, -cutting machines & -graters to the food industry.
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