Annatto is extracted from the seeds of the Achiote plant, Bixa Orellana. Annatto is indigenous to Africa and South America, has been used commonly to impart a colour and flavour to foods. The main colour components of annatto comes from carotenoid pigments from the seeds, mainly bixin and norbixin.

Bixin having the more oil soluble characteristics and the norbixin having the more water soluble characteristics. Using these two different pigments we are able to make a a various different kinds of annatto products, such as:

  • Water Soluble Annatto (Norbixin) 
  • Acid Stable Annatto (Norbixin and Bixin)
  • Oil Soluble Annatto (Bixin) 
  • Annatto Powders (Norbixin)






Bio 56 Annatto Dye2.8-2.85%12Dark Brown Liquid
Bio 42 Annatto Dye2.2-2.45%12Dark Brown Liquid
Bio 26 Annatto Dye1-1.35%12Dark Brown Liquid
HWS 300 Powder15% Fine light brown powder
Acid Stable Norbixin  Slightly viscous dark brown liquid
Acid Stable Bixin  Slightly viscous dark red liquid
Oil soluble 0.2%  Dark orange red Liquid
Oil Soluble 10%  Dark orange red suspension


Oil Soluble Annatto

Oil soluble annatto can be made up with Norbixin or Bixin, generally with oil based colourants bixin is preffered

We currently manufacturer


Water Soluble Annatto Dye 

Acid Stable Annatto Dye